Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Transehe Design, Scrivere - a heavy pen in Copper, brass or steel (but no steal!)

Here is a brand I know nothing about but had my interest peaked at the Melbourne Pen show. Transehe.

Transehe Design "Scrivere" call themselves a premium range of pens from the studios of d.Von Transehe - Transehe Design. These pens are the result of a co-operative effort between Transehe, Schmidt and Lufthansa to create a pocket sized pen, that has a perfect ink flow and won't leak, even on an airplane. Like the Kaweco, The "Scrivere" are designed to be pocket size when capped, however, they use the exposed thread to cap and post the lid so that when posted the pen becomes more of a standard size and is perfectly balanced for writing. Very much like a Kaweco. The pens are 11cm when capped and 12.5cm when posted.

A key point of difference that really sets the Scrivere apart is the use of pure metals. Stainless steel, pure brass and pure copper make up the range. These are solid pens, and being solid metal are pocket safe (won't crack if sat on). All three are over 50g with copper being the heaviest at 56g. The metals are pure and will behave as such. Both the brass and copper pens will develop a patina as the metals react with the air and the oils of your hands and fingers. 

And here is a pic:

They are quite an attractive pen (especially the copper - although I'd have a gold nib). I like heavy pens so that's a plus. But the price! A brief web search has them at 215 Euros (about AU$329 or US$295).

Here is a link to their website: 


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